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Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park - Some assets make the marine park special. Mysterious caves, strange cliffs, beautiful fish, rare animals, and lovely natural vistas are some qualifications of this popular Park.
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Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park

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Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National ParkMu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park, an archipelago in the gulf of Thailand, seems specially made for the lovers of natural beauty. Strange-looking caves and cliffs impart the marine Park a different look. Home of several animals and fish, the Park also offers lovely natural sightseeing and sports like boating, sailing, kayaking and snorkelling.


Country Thailand
Location Surat Thani province
Accessibility Through boat from Koh Samui
Accommodation Bungalows and campsites
Best time to visit February to April

Park Residents


Spectacled langurs, Pacific reef-egret, collared kingfisher, hairy-nosed otters, white-bellied seaeagle, bats, little heron, white rumped shama, wagtails, king fishers, seagulls, common sandpiper, brahminy kite, southern pied hornbill, nest swiflet, oriental pied hornbill, monitor lizards, ashy drongo, dolphin, sea otters, leopard cats and macaques sea turtles, tortoises and pythons


Dolphin, angelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, black tip shark, stingray, mackerel, anchovy, squid crabs, cowrie and grouper shells

Tour Attractions

Apart from natural sightseeing, the national marine park has other attractions too. These are given below:

Nature Trails

Wua Talap Island provides trekking trail known as 'View Point Trekking Trail' of about 500 meters. Two boating tails are also available in the Marine Park. The first is around Phi Island while the second is between the Nathap Beach and Kha Bay. There are three snorkelling routes, in Wua Talap, Samsao and Thaiphlao islands respectively.

Wua Talap Island

Wua Talap IslandThe headquarters of the Park are located in Wua Talap Island. A lovely beach in the close vicinity of the office is a nice spot of picnicking. A 500 meter tall hill is a nice place to view all the Ang Thong islands collectively. Bua Bok Cave, with impressive stalagmites and stalactites, is a good place to visit.

Other Attractions

Situated in Mae Ko Island, Thale Nai is a large natural pond ringed by limestone hills. Samsao, Thaiphlao and Wua Kantang islands are acclaimed for beautiful coral reefs and nice beaches.


» Dry evergreen forests are present on the larger islands, particularly in Wua Ta Lap, Phaluai and Sam Sao.
» Limestone forests can be located on the exposed cliff faces on top of the limestone hills.
» Mangrove forests have grown in some places where mudflats sandbars ave developed. The forest type has grown specially around Mae Ko island and eastern Phaluai island.
» Beach forests occupy a narrow strip around most of the bigger islands.


The sea water surrounding the islands is relatively shallow, and thus, easily comes under the influence of the turbid water of the mainland. The development of coral on the islands is restricted to a narrow strip encasing each island close to the shore. Shorelines of some islands are steep and rocky.

General Information

» The Park occupies area of 102 sq km of which about 18 sq km is land. Area of the Park is approximate 894 square kilometers.
» The Park consists of 42 islands.
» The Park was declared national marine park in 1980.


» The Park receives heavy rain, approximate 2,000 mm of rain all the year round.
» Average temperature is 230C.
» During monsoon (November-December), the Park is windy and turbulent.
» Most appropriate time for visiting the Park is February-April.

How To Reach

Tour boats and speed boats available in Koh Samui. You can also go on kayak or sailing tours.

Accommodation & Dining

» Bungalows and camping sites available
» Visitor center is located in Kha Bay, Wua Talap island. Visitors can get required information at the center
» Food services provided by a restaurant


Mu Ko Angthong National Marine Park
145/1, Talat Lang Road, Talat Sub-district, Amphur Muang Surat Thani
Thailand - 84000