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Ang Thong Travel - Ang Thong is known for it's historical legacy and native handicrafts. Also blessed by Mother Nature, the province has several verdant attractions, chief of whom is Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park.
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Ang Thong TravelAng Thong province is marked with impressive stamps of history and blessings of Mother Nature. Assisting Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, the most well-known of it's attractions are the majestic ancient temples, monuments and villages famous for their traditional skills. Easily reachable from Bangkok, Ang Thong demands the visitors' attention.


Country Thailand
Location 108 kilometers north to Capital Bangkok
Accessibility Through Bangkok and Ayutthaya

Tour Attractions

There are several tourist attractions in Ang Thong. Get informed about them:

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park
The foremost attraction in the province consists of 42 islands having limestone hills. The islands are known for strange-looking formations and nice vacation spots.

The Temples

Given below is brief information about the prominent ancient temples of Ang Thong:

Wat Pa Mok Worawihan:

Situated in Amphoe Pa Mok, 18 kms away from Ang Thong, the temple hosts an old reclining 22.58 meter long Buddha idol which dates back to the Sukhothai period. The temple was held with high regard by the Sukhothai kings.

Wat Ton Son

Wat Ton Son:

Lying on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River near the town, this ancient temple enshrines an impressive Buddha idol in seated posture.

Wat Sa Kaeo:

Located 15 kms south to Ang Thong, the temple hosts a center, where various articles made of handwoven fabrics are produced. Constructed at the end of the seventeenth century, the temple is also used as a care center for needy orphans.

Wat Pho Thong:

Located in Amphoe Pho Thong, this monastery was built by Prince Uthumphon as his residence. Later, the building turned into a monastery.

Wat Khian:

Sitting in Amphoe Wiset Chai Chan, about 10 kms from Ang Thong town, it is an ancient temple dating back to the Ayutthaya period. The temple is renowned for it's marvellous murals depicting rural lifestyle.

Handicraft Villages

Some villages are known for traditional crafts. Consummate skills have passed from generations to generations. Splendid articles produced by the villagers become memorabilia for the tourists.

Amphoe Pho Thong:

It is known for producing exquisite wickerware items, which become the visitors' nice souvenirs.

Amphoe Pa Mok:

The village is known for producing delicate and intricate dolls, featuring Thai way of life. Popular among the tourists, they are available on sale at the shops and Wat Tha Suthawat.

Ban Bang Chao Cho:

Located 14 kms from the town, in Amphoe Pho Thong, the village is known for splendid craftsmanship in traditional basketry. Bamboo baskets, useful in multiple ways, are made in various shapes and sizes.

Ban Bang Phae:

Lying along Chao Phraya River, at Tambon Ekkarat, the village is known for the art of drum making. The villagers employ consummate traditional skills to make these drums, made of softwood and cow hide.

Other Attractions

Here are some more attractions of Ang Thong town.

City Pillar Shrine

Located opposite the Ang Thong city hall, it is a 'must-see' when visiting the province. Bedecked with exquisite murals on the four interior walls, the shrine is a place which commemorates valor and sacrifice.


Located in front of Ang Thong Provincial Prison, the Aquarium exhibits fish like serpent-headed-amazon, thepo, sawai and rad.


To quench your thirst of being a part of the Ang Thong culture, join the locals celebrating these festivals and events.

Dragon Parade Procession

Dragon Parade ProcessionThe event is held in Angthong market every year in December. There is a ceremony to invite God Kuan-U to the festivities. It is followed by a dragon parade procession. People test their bargaining skills in various stalls.

City of Rice and Water Bowl Fair

Held in February after harvesting in Ang Thong City Hall, this event, celebrated by U-Thong people, has a gamut of activities, including exhibitions, displays, local handicraft sales, cultural shows, stalls, and various type of contests. The event lasts for several days.

Boat Festival

It is held in Amphoe Pho Thong, Amphoe Pa Mok and Amphoe Chaiyo in the month of October. Famous boats from all over Thailand take part in the race.

Song Festival

Held at a Ban Lakkaeo temple located on the banks of the Noi River, the song festival is celebrated during the rainy season. Local people assemble in the temple to celebrate the occasion with singing of boat songs.

How To Reach

Most tourists reach Ang Thong via Bangkok. Various means of reaching Ang Thong are mentioned below:

By Road

Buses ply at regular intervals between Bangkok and Ang Thong town (110 kms). Buses from Bangkok operate from the Northern Bus Terminal. One can also hire car for the journey. Bus services between Ayutthaya and Angthong are also easily available. Distance is mere 35 kms. Daily buses are also available for Kanchanaburi.

By Train

One can board a train for Ayutthaya from Hua Lamphong Terminal of Bangkok. After reaching Ayutthaya board a bus for Ang Thong.

Getting Around

One can use local transport like tricycles and songathews. However, if the visitor plans to go for sightseeing in rural areas, it is better that he arranges for his own car from a major tourist destination.