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Chanthaburi Travel - The province of orchards and gemstones is bestowed with charming natural beauty. Host of two national parks, Chantaburi also offers adventure sports like trekking, rafting, camping and mountain biking.
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Chanthaburi Travel

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Chantaburi TravelChanthaburi, also known as Muang Chan, is a seaside province, which has received benevolent gifts from nature. Having pleasant beaches and national parks with abundant greenery, the province is also world-famous for precious gems and orchards having juicy fruits.


Country Thailand
Location 245 kilometers north of capital Bangkok
Accessibility Best through Bangkok
Accommodation Low-budget and mid-range available
Dining Known for seafood

Why To Visit
» Pleasant beaches
» Market of precious gems
» Orchards laden with juicy fruits

Tour Attractions
Chanthaburi is ready to welcome you with it's attractions. Get informed about various tourist destinations of the province.

The Beaches
Blessed benevolently with natural beauty, Chantaburi offers number of pleasant sites. There are many nice beaches just 30 km from the town. The beaches are beautiful combination of sand, wind, capes and mountainss, and are ideal for peaceful relaxed weekends.

The Orchards
It would be exaggeration to call Chanthaburi a procession of orchards, having succulent assets exported all over the world. It is a nice experience to tour the orchards, tasting the juicy fruits, which have made Chanthaburi world famous. The image of stunning fruit-laden trees will be in your memory for ever.

National Parks
The two national parks of the province are tailor-made for the eco-tourist. Whether you want to go on a saunter amidst picturesque surroundings or you are fond of activities like camping, mountain biking, trekking, rafting the national parks provide you with the choices. The selection is yours.

Taksin Maharat Shrine and City Pillar
Fish Museum in Chantaburi ProvinceThe two structures commemorate Taksin the Great, a renowned king of Thailand. The King has the credit of chasing away the Burmese invaders and he is, thus, greatly venerated by the common Thais. He used Chantaburi city as a base to launch offensive on the Burmese army. The presence of Taksin Maharat Shrine on the 20 Baht currency note proves how much the Thais rever their monuments.

Si Chan Road
Chantaburi is famous for gemstones. The Si Chan Road is always buzzing with gem activity, particularly of rubies and sapphires. Precious stone merchants come here from all over the world to trade in the gemstones.

Catholic Church
The largest Catholic Church in the country is a specimen depicting how the French influenced the area during their short occupation. A monument with a difference, the Church displays the gothic architecture, while the other monuments in the city have been made employing Khmer inspired designs.

Oasis Sea World
The fascinating show presents creatures like Irrawaddy Dolphins and Pink Dolphins to the lovers of city life. The visitors get the chance to watch these wonderful creatures in close quarters. The Sea World makes for a wonderful experience for the visitors, making even the disinterested inclined towards the ways of city.

Chantaburi Fruit Fair
Held during May every year, Chantaburi Fruit Fair celebrates the season of yummy local fruits as durian, rambutan and zalacca. One can not only purchase the juicy products of the orchards from the stalls, but also enjoy exhibitions of provincial handicrafts and cultural shows.

The tropical province has normally warm and humid climate with good rainfall that lasts for 6 months. November through February are recommended for travel.

How To Reach
Air-conditioned comfortable buses are available for Chanthaburi from Ekami Bus Terminal of Bangkok. The journey takes 4 to 5 hours. You can also hire a car for the journey.

Getting Around
Journeying within the province is easy, thanks to variety of means available.

» Samlors and songthaews for travelling around town
» Local bus services or cars for travelling further

Accommodation & Dining
Low budget and mid-range accommodation available in town. Most rooms will be air-conditioned.

In-budget and cheap food is easily available in restaurants that dot the town, especially around the market. Chareon Rat Road has some good coffee shops. Seafood is more popular in Chantaburi. Kuai Tieo Mu Lieng is a tasty noodle dish with its soup flavoured with herbs. Mu Chamuang is another dish having sweet-and-sour curry.