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Chiang Mai Travel - Chiang Mai has a cultural face, beautified by pleasant natural surroundings. Intriguing festivals, diverse dialects, impressive architecture, interesting indigenous tribes, fabulous food make a tour to Chiang Mai unforgettable. Move on for Chiang Mai beckons.
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Chiang Mai TravelChiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand, has personality of it's own. Often called 'Rose of the North', the tourists visiting Chiang Mai take delight in the treasure of it's historic sites, as well as natural beauty. The namesake province also has the tradition of handicrafts and makes timeless souvenirs. Chiang Mai serves as a wonderful base to explore Northern Thailand.


Country Thailand
Accessibility Around 700 kilometers from Bangkok
Accommodation Caters for every budget
Dining Plenty of variety

Tour Attractions
Tourist attractions of Chiang Mai are as follows:

Chiang Mai has plenty of monuments and museums that tell the tale of it's graceful past. Exquisite woodcarvings and murals, impressive scriptural repository and praiseworthy relief work are the features of Chiang Mai monuments. Some prominent monuments of Chiang Mai are Wat Phra Sing, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Suan Dok, Wat Chedi Yuang and Wat Ku Tao. Some of these monuments are out of the boundaries of the city.

Natural Attractions
A Chiang Mai BeachMost part of Chiang Mai province is carpeted by forested mountains, where elephants are still commonly used. Bubbling rivulets flow through these mountains making the area ideal for river rafting. The region is also loved by the trekkers. One can use Chiang Mai city as a base for relishing the offers of the countryside. Some prominent attractions of the province are Mae Klang Waterfall, Borichinda Cave, Mae Ya Waterfall and Ob Luang Gorge. Chiang Mai Zoo is also a nice place to visit.

Handicraft Villages
Villages with handicraft traditions and interesting culture lie in the province. Bo Sang village has won international acclaim for it's handicraft-producing units. Specially, silk and cotton umbrellas and paper parasols are manufactured. These objects are hand-painted in several animal and floral designs. The tradition of this handicraft in Bo Sang village is more than 200 years old.

Golf Courses
Sprawling lush golf courses of Chiang Mai lure the lovers of the sport. Playing or watching the graceful game on the green carpet of Chiang Mai is a refreshing experience. Some well-known glof courses of the place are Chiang Mai Green Valley, Lamphun Golf Club, Lanna Golf Club and Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort.

Chiang Mai, armed with several entertainment option, fascinates local and foreign tourists alike. There are discotheques, late night restaurants, coffee shops and bars, rocking music. Karaoke centers, cocktail lounges and cabaret shows make the nightlife of the visitors colorful. People fond of peaceful late evening can relish a soulful piano tune in their hotel. There is a night bazaar too selling local handicrafts, clothes, silver, spices and many more articles.

Shopping can also be a good pastime for Chiang Mai visitors. There are regular markets in addition to the night bazaar, and exploring them could be an interesting option. Chiang Mai is particularly good for shopping of handicrafts, which are available in large stores in the city as well as handicraft villages. Couple of street markets also operate on certain days. Street markets are held on Ratchadamnoen Road and Wualai Road, on Sunday and Saturday evenings respectively.

Summer March to May
Rainy May to October
Winter November to February

How To Reach
Various means of reaching Chiang Mai via Bangkok are as follows:

By Air
Several airlines operate daily flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Regular flights for other major Thai cities are also available from Chiang Mai. International flights for some major Asian destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur also operate from Chiang Mai.

By Train
Trains for Chiang Mai leave Hualamphong Station of Bangkok several times daily. It is recommended to get the seats reserved well in advance.

By Road
Buses leave for Chiang Mai daily from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal. The journey takes 10 to 11 hours. One can also hire a car for travelling.

Getting Around
Chiang Mai, a tourist-oriented province, is easy to get around. The options available are given below.

» Tuk Tuk (Three-wheeled vehicles)
» Songtaew
» Buses
» Hired motorbikes or bicycles
» Hired Cars

Accommodation & Dining
Chiang Mai has plenty of accommodation. Cheap, budget and luxury - the visitor can get what he desires. Chiang Mai has good number of food shops and restaurants providing diverse variety of food, ranging from local dishes to international cuisine.