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Hat Thai Muang National Park - The Park presents plethora of attractions like a beach brimming with turtles, a lovely waterfall and a forest full of wild creatures, making it a favorite of the lovers of nature.
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Hat Thai Muang National Park

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Python Curtus in Hat Thai Muang National ParkHat Thai Muang National Park plays remarkable role in making Phang Nga more interesting. A beach known for it's turtles, waterfall famous for it's beauty, a jungle teeming with animals and birds; the Park always exerts irresistible pull on the visitors to Phang Nga.


Country Thailand
Location About 800 kilometers from Phang Nga
Accessibility Through road
Accommodation Bungalows and Camping

Park Residents
» About 180 species of birds including oriental honey-buzzard and black-thighed falconet

» 64 species of mammals including conserved animals like serrow, Malayan tapir, hylobates lar, Malayan sun bear etc.

» 57 types of reptiles including Giant Asiatic tortoise, Siamese hawkbill turtle, python curtus, Malayan pit viper, spiny terrapin, green turtle etc.

» 16 types of amphibians found

» Various species of fish like walking catfish, blue panchax, mystus wykii, saltwater eel, etc.

Tour Attractions
Visitor hotspots of the the Hat Thai Muang National Park are as mentioned:

Thai Mueang Beach
A 13 kilometer sandy beach with clear water, it is a nesting ground for 2 species of rare sea turtles Oleve Ridley and Leather-back. Between November and April ever year, the female turtle come on the beach to lay their eggs. The park staff, who patrol the beach during the nesting season, take the eggs to a nursery for their safety. After 60 days, the hatchlings are released into the sea. One can join the beach staff on patrol to watch the turtle laying eggs. Permission of the office ranger is necessary for the purpose.

Khao Lumpi
This is an inland section of the park, covering a waterfall and nearby forested hills. The water of the fall collects in a pool which is used for swimming by the visitors. Several small stalls, where eatables and drinks, are located near the fall.

Nam Tok Ton Phrai
A seven kilometers break off at Km. 28-29 on the left takes one to the waterfall having water throughout the year. A nice spot for picnic, traveling to the fall is convenient during dry season.

The Park can be segregated in two geographical areas Khao Lumpi (mountainous) and Hat Thai Buant (beach area). The beach is 13 km long fringed with Casuarina trees. In north, the Park boundaries are guided by Khao Nayak hills. In inland, it stretches for about half km.

The land is made up of old igneous rocks covered by quaternary sediments. The hills contain igneous granite rocks.

» 70% of the Park land is covered by tropical evergreen forests.
» Mangrove forests are found particularly in the area behind the forests. Capable of surviving in brackish water, they grow where sea and fresh water mix.
» Beach forests cover the coastal area and run along the beach.
» Swamp forests fill the region between the beach forests and the mangrove forests in small patches.

General Information
» The area of the park is 72 sq km.
» The park was established in 1986.
» The park headquarters and beach area is located at 6 km from Thai Muang town.
» Number of people have been traditional inhabitants of the park area, depending on coconut cultivation and fishing.

Dry January to April
Rainy May to December
Accessibility Through road
Best time to travel January to April

How To Reach
Phuket or Krabi, two nearest airports, can be reached by flights which are operated daily. Then take a bus for Phang Nga. One can reach the national park, at the distance of about 62 km from Phang Nga, by another bus. Three types of buses - normal, air-conditioned and small - are available for the journey.

One can also hire a car for more convenient journey.

Accommodation & Dining
Four bungalows are available at the park headquarters. Facilities like canteen and 24 hrs electricity available. Camping is allowed.

Hat Thai Muang National Park
Thai Muang District
Phang-Nga Province - 82120