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Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park - This heaven of bird-wathcers has eye-popping diversity of vegetation and terrain brimming with adventure. A must-tour for the lovers of the avians.
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Khao Sam Rai Yot National Park

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Khao Sam Rai Yot National ParkKhao Sam Roi Yot National Park is the bird-watchers' paradise. The Park's amazingly diversified vegetation and relatively inaccessible terrain make it the home of more than 300 bird species, some of them rare. The Park is also the dwelling place of some peculiar land animals and water creatures like dolphin. The Park is considered by the seasoned travelers as one of the most interesting wildlife habitats in Thailand.


Country Thailand
Location Near Hua Hin, in Prachuap Khiri Khan province
Accessibility Through road
Accommodation Bungalows and campsites
Best time to visit September to March

Park Residents
Spectacled langurs, long-tailed macaque, slow lorris, barking deer, malayan pangolin, common palm-civet, fishing cat, malayan porcupine, javan mongoose, grey-bellied squirrel and siamese hare

Number of large songbirds, water birds and raptors; Migratory birds from Siberia, China and Northern Europe; Sighting include rare species like purple heron, white-bellied sea eagle, and imperial eagle

Coastal Water

Tour Attractions
Apart from bird-watching, the main pastime in the Park, one can enjoy the time in other ways too. Some other options are mentioned below:

Trails and Cruise
Hiking trails meander through the park. The Khao Krachom trail takes one to the top of the tallest hill. Steep rocky trails lead to the fine beaches of Sam Phraya and Laem Sala. If one does not want to punt oneself on exertion, boats can be hired from Ban Bang Pu. A popular boat trip is a two-hour cruise along the Khao Daeng Canal. Slicing through wetland habitats and mangroves, the trip is very pleasant experience.

The Caves
Phraya Nakhon CaveThe Park has marvelous caves like Phraya Nakhon, Kaeo and Sai. Adventurous people fond of trekking on rocky landscapes should follow the trail to Phraya Nakhon Cave. It can be reached on walking from Ban Bang Pu or boat.

Interlinked chambers and deep tunnels are two characteristics of Kaeo Cave. Calcite-encrusted walls are illuminated like jewels when seen in lamp-light. Sai Cave is single large cavern where one should enter with lamp to see the nature-designed cave-walls.

The Beaches
Laem Sala is fine sandy beach with limestone hills in close vicinity. Sam Phraya is another beach 5 km from the headquarters. Restaurants are available on both the beaches.

Topography & Vegetation
'Khao Sam Roi Yot' can be translated as 'the mountain with 300 peaks'. The Park is located on a series of grey limestone hills which rise from the gulf of Thailand and adjacent coastal marsh. The tallest hills is 605 meters. The wooded hills have become a natural residence of wild animals.

Vegetation community in the Park includes mangrove forests, limestone-hill forests and beach forests.

General Information
» The Park is located about 320 km south of Bangkok or 37 km south of Pranburi.
» Declared National Park in 1996.

Best time to visit the Park is September to March.

How To Reach
The park is 63 km south of Hua Hin, in Prachuap Khiri Khan province. When driving from Bangkok, move on Highway No. 4 to Phanburi, and then, further 37 km to the headquarters.

Accommodation & Dining
» Bungalows available at the headquarters and Sam Phraya Beach.
» Tents can be hired for setting up camps.
» Restaurants are available at the headquarters and the Sam Phraya Beach.

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park
Mu 2, Ban Khao Daeng, Khao Daeng Sub-district
Amphur Kui Buri Prachuap Khiri Khan
Thailand - 77150