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Khon Kaen Travel - Khon Kaen, home of some lush national parks, is a place with lovely scenic beauty. Khon Kaen is also known for historic and archaeological sites of considerable importance as well as sprawling golf courses.
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Khon Kaen Travel

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Khon Kaen TravelKhon Kaen is qualitatively different. A place bearing long history. Origin of thriving civilisations and cultures. Thailand's first place to expose dinosaur fossils. It is a lovely place with charming scenic beauty and exquisite sprawling golf courses. Khon Kaen is a place that has attracted tourists for decades.


Country Thailand
Location 449 kilometers north-east of Capital Bangkok
Accessibility Easily through Bangkok
Accommodation Easily available
Dining Nice variety

Tour Attractions
Travel attractions of Khon Kaem province are as mentioned below:

Natural Beauty
Khon Kaem is a province which boasts of exquisite natural beauty.

Bung Kaen Nakorn and Ubolrat Dam: These are two popular sites of natural beauty in Khon Kaen. Bung Kaen Nakorn is a lakeside recreation center in the city, where one can also savour local dishes. Ubolrat is a picturesque dam, about 50 km of the provincial capital. It is a large multi-purpose dam, having a restaurant and boating facilities.

The National Parks: Phu Kao-Phu Phan Kham National Park is popular among the lovers of natural beauty. This 320 sq km Park having evergreen and deciduous forests offers undulating verdant landscape for trekking.
Phu Wieng National Park, about 60 km off the provincial festival, has several archaeological sites with prehistoric rock paintings. Dinosaur fossils can also be seen here.

Historical Sites
Khon Kaen has several historical sites of considerable importance.

Khon Kaen National Museum
Khon Kaen National MuseumKhon Kaen National Museum is particularly popular among the history buffs. It houses a large assemblage of artifacts, particularly from the North East. It's most important exhibit are the artifacts excavated at Ben Chiang, a major archaeological site. Ben Chiang is the place where the world's first Bronze Age civilisation developed more than 5,000 years ago.

Non Muang
Non Muang is another site of great archaeological importance. Located 85 km of Khon Kaen town, it is considered to have been inhabited from prehistoric times. 10th century old human skeletons and 3,000 years old bronze tool have also been found at this site.

Koo Puay Noi
Koo Puay Noi, the biggest Khmer complex in Khon Kaen, is in Puay Noi district. The complex is known for it's laterite palace, beautifully carved doors and brick pagodas.

Wat Udom Khongkha Kiri Khet
This beautiful temple atop a hill in Mancha Khiri district is famous for it's beautifully carved doors and ornate gold colored roof. The temple, 67 km from town, also exhibits personal belongings of Luang Poo Phamg, a monk held in high esteem by the locals.

Sports & Entertainment
Khon Kaen has some of the finest golf courses in the north-east. Sunshine never backs off from one's assistance and the golfing vacations become memorable. It also provides raunchy nightlife entertainment. Several night clubs and discos, which give romantic upsurge to the inmates, are at service till late night.

Koh Kaen has hot and humid tropical climate and it remains more or less like that throughout the year. However, the climate can be divided into 3 periods.

Cool (Pleasant) November to February
Warm March to May
Rainy June to October
Best Time to Visit November to February

How To Reach
Various means of reaching Khon Kaen are as follows:

By Air
Flights are regularly available to and from Bangkok to Khon Kaen international airport.

By Train
Trains ply from Bangkok to Khon Kaen daily.

By Road
Buses can be taken to reach Khon Kaen from Bangkok. One can also hire a car for the purpose.

Dining & Accommodation
The food is delicious and can be savoured at the restaurants all over the place for very normal prices. As for the accommodation, hotels and guesthouses are available easily at economical price.