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Koh Chang Island - Rapidly moving ahead on the road to popularity, Koh Chang Island or Koh Chang Marine National Park is a paradise for those who desire to return their homes, rejuvenated and refreshed.
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Koh Chang Island

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A scenic view of Koh Chang IslandKoh Chang Island, which is also popular as Koh Chang National Marine Park is a rapidly emerging tourist destination of Thailand. Comprising most part of the Koh Chang island and several neighboring isles, the Park is a paradise for those who desire to get their mind rid of the chaos of modern life, and rejuvenate themselves. It is not for nothing that the Park has been termed 'the last paradise islands in South-East Asia'.


Country Thailand
Location 315 km north-east of Capital Bangkok; 8 km from the coast of Trat province
Accessibility Through ferry
Accommodation Easily available
Dining Wide variety; Specially resorts and cottages
Best time to visit November to February

Tour Attractions
Koh Chang, the largest island in the Marine Park, is extremely popular among the Thais, and gradually, it is climbing the popularity ladder in the international arena too. Tour attractions, which Koh Chang is loved for, are mentioned below.

The Beaches
Koh Chang is synonymous with beautiful white sandy beaches. All Ko Chang beaches have one or two specialities of their own. Klong Son beach is known for its luxurious resorts, villas pools and spas. White Sand Beach, located on the northern end of west coast, is acclaimed for various sport activities like football and valleball.

Beach Location Specialities Facilities
Klong Son Beach Northern end of island Scenic cape with sandy stretch and abundance of coconut trees Luxurious resorts, villas, pools and spa
White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao) Northern end of west coast Most popular and most commercial beach
Various sport activities, such as football, volleyball and frisbee games
Beach brims with bungalows and resorts
Numerous bars, pubs, restaurants and shops
Klong Prao Beach Near Laim Chaichet beach Coconut-fringed beach; northern end has beautiful rocky landscape Plenty of cottages and resorts
Kai Bae Beach On West Coast Watching spectacular sunset Several resorts Kai Bae village has small shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cyber cafes
Tha Nam Beach South of Kai Bae Back-packers' haven
Than Mayom Beach On eastern side; Near Than Mayom Waterfall Nice for catching sunrise

Mountainous terrain of Koh Chang creates some impressive waterfalls.

Waterfall Location Speciality
Than Mayom Near Than Mayom pier Series of 3 falls
Klong Plu Close to Kai Bae Beach 3-level Fall Swimming and camping allowed
Klong Nonsi On northern end Small-sized waterfall with several cascades
Klong Nueng Near fishing village of Salakphet Water rushing down the ravine a rewarding sight
Kiripet Near Salakphet Seven-level Fall
Swimming in pond allowed

Exploring Marine Life
Marine life is particularly visible in the eastern side of the island. Another nice place to enjoy it is around the wrecks of the Thai warships 'Chonburi' and 'Songkhla' in Salakphet bay on the southern end of the island.

Activities-SportsActivities and sports facilities available in Koh Chang are mentioned below:

Elephant Trekking: Roaming amidst rich vegetation and animals atop an elephant. Seems pleasant. Isn't it? Experience yourself.

Diving & Snorkelling: Best time for diving is between October/November and April. Best diving sites are on the southern and western tips of the island. Two wreck dive sites, where the wreckage of sunken ships lies in the depth of the sea, are also on the island.

Canoes and Kayaking: Paddling canoes is the best way to relish the beauty of the coastlines. Canoes can be availed along the beaches.

Boating: Leisure boating trips can be arranged on the beaches. One can use the boats for sightseeing or journeying to various sites for scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing.

Spa: Koh Chang is one of the best places in Thailand for spa massages. Wealth of spas exists on the island to pamper one after a day of beach activities.

Neighborhood Islands
Koh Chang has some lovely islands as neighbours, which assist it in entertaining the visitors.

Koh Kood
Second biggest island in Koh Chang National Park, Koh Kood does not lag behind it's more famous neighbor in scenic beauty. As Ko Chang, it also has in it's kitty pristine beaches, frothy waterfalls and crystal clear sea. Resorts tend to cater to the needs of the tourists having some extra money.

Koh Maak
This group of nine islands is known for nice long beaches and clear seawaters. Charming bungalows and resorts are available for accommodation.

Topography & Vegetation
The island has hilly landscape, but with rounded slopes rather than sheer cliffs. The rock of the island is mainly granitic, covered with fertile virgin rainforests. The tallest hill goes to 743 meters above sea level. The island has many streams having very clear water. Coral reefs occur with numerous types in sheltered locations of the island.

» Temperatures are normally moderate all year round.
» Between November and February, weather is pleasant and cool with lot of sunshine.
» During the months of March and April, the climate is hot and humid.
» Visitors should take extra precaution in rainy season that lasts from mid of May to October.

How To Reach
Take bus from the Eastern Bus Terminal of Bangkok for Laem Ngop pier. Then board a ferry for Koh Chang.

Alternatively, one can take bus from Northern Bus Terminal of Bankok for Trat. Use a songthaew for reaching Laem Ngop pier, 30 minutes away. Then take the ferry.
Mini bus services for Laem Ngop are also available from Pattaya and Ban Phe.

Getting Around
» Songthaews are available on the main road in daytime.
» Cars and small motorbikes can be hired.

Accommodation & Dining
Visitors can choose their accommodation in accordance with their needs. Cottages and resorts are available in abundance, suiting the atmosphere of the island. The island is a haven of mouth-watering dishes. Restaurants serving delicious dishes of a variety of origin can be visited all over the island.