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Krabi Travel - Krabi enjoys all elements necessary for being a top tourist destination. Natural beauty and all facilities of thrilling water sports, assisted by modern tourism infrastructure, make it a favourite of tourists.
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Krabi TravelKrabi has been luring tourists relentlessly for decades. The lovely place possesses all the ingredients of an ideal vacation destination, including a wide range of hotels and accommodation, excursions and tours to suit all tastes. Amazingly beautiful palm-fringed beaches, rejuvenating spas and unique but lovely limestone caves. Assisted with all necessary modern accoutrements, Krabi has become very popular among visitors.


Country Thailand
Location About 800 km from Capital Bangkok
Accessibility Via Bangkok and Phuket
Accommodation Variety of options available
Best Time to Visit November to March

Tour Attractions
Krabi has an array of tourist destinations. Prominent among them are as follows:

Khao Khanap Nam
Two picturesque hills flank the Krabi river forming an impressive vista, which has become the town's most famous tourist spot. Large number of human skeletons have been discovered here. Historians opine that these are the remains of the people who came here to establish their home, but were affected by floods and perished. The place can be reached with a long-tailed boat from Chao Fa Pier.

Tham Sadet
The cave, located at the distance of few kilometers in Tambon Sai Thai has arresting stalactites and stalagmites. King Rama VI visited the cave in 1909 before sitting on the throne. The word Tham Sadet is a Thai word meaning royal journey. It is good to visit the place and watch the beautiful natural formations in seclusion.

Susan Hoi (Fossil Shell Beach)
This graveyard was once a large freshwater swamp, home to a unique kind of snail.. Millions of years ago, these snails lived and died in such huge numbers that the dead snails formed a layer upon which existed the living. The layer of fossilized snail shells was forty centimeters thick, lying upon ten centimeters of lignite below which was the subsoil. Geographic upheaval caused the broken sheets of impressive limestone on the seashore.

Ao Nang
A lovely scenic view in Ao Nang BayLimestone hills make this bay beautiful but at the same time strange too. Prominent among Ao Nang beaches are Tam Pra Nang, Rai Ley and Nam Mao. These beaches are not accessible by roads but can be reached by boats. Some beautiful islands are also lying near the beach. More known among these are Kai, Tap, Mor and Padah. These islands have clean beaches, and schools of colorful fish. The islands are nice for watergames like swimming, diving and snorekelling.

Tham Sua Kao Kaeo Ao Luk Tanu Monastery
Lying at a little distance from Krabi town, the monastery is situated on the foothills of the Ao Luk Tanu Mountains, also known as Kao Kaeo. The cave has natural rock pugmarks of tiger. Legend narrates that the place was once the home of a large tiger. The trees ringing the monastery are said to be thousands of years old. A nice place to visit.

Activities-Adventure Sports
Plethora of activities and adventure sports are available in Krabi. Canoeing specially is very entertaining and informative. Tour operators provide various options from limited hours beach rentals to full tours to fascinating places where one gets proper opportunity to watch various intriguing creatures in their natural habitat.

Adventure in KrabiAo Nang has good scuba diving facilities. Dive sites situated close to Ao Nang are reachable with short boat rides. Games like fishing and speed boating are liked by the visitors to Krabi.

Krabi has some very nice national parks, which provide good ground for games like hiking and rock climbing. Dense forests, tough cliffs and bubbling rivers make the region appropriate for these games. There are several centers which offer courses in these games.

Krabi has typical tropical climate all year. September and October should be avoided for these are the most wet and the hottest months in this part of Thailand. Most appropriate time to visit the place is from November to March.

How To Reach
Means of reaching Krabi are as follows:

By Road
Buses ply from Bangkok and Phuket to Krabi. One can also take a car on rent.

By Rail
Board a train from Hua Lamphong Railway Station of Bangkok. Leave the train at Trang or Thung-Song Station in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Then board a bus or taxi for Krabi.

From Hualamphong Railway Station, one can go to Trang Station, or Thung-Song Station in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Then board a bus or a taxi to Krabi

By Air
Take aircraft from Don Muang Airport of Bangkok to Phuket. Then board a bus for Krabi.

Getting Around
Prominent Krabi coastal attractions are reachable by road. Howeverone is advised to take boat rides to reach destinations. Regular and chartered ferries are available for popular islands like Koh Lanta and Phi Phi.

Accommodation & Dining
Variety of accommodation options are available in Krabi, catering to every budget. One can get almost every type of popular cuisine in the place. Exotic seafood is the hot favourite among tourists.