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Loei Travel - Loei is a lovely province famous for undulating hills covered by green carpet. Selected by several bird species as their home, Loei, which hosts three national parks, also boasts some historical and architectural assets.
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Loei TravelLoei is always exuding charm. Geographically located in the North-Eastern Thailand, it is known for numerous high hills and foggy climate. The landscape, jumping up and then plunging down, carpeted by lush foliage, is home to several bird species. Loei is the home of three national parks, extremely popular among wildlife enthusiasts. Loei has some historical and architectural landmarks too.


Country Thailand
Location 520 kilometers away from Bangkok
Accessibility Easily through Bangkok
Accommodation Resorts, guesthouses and hotels available
Dining Nice variety

Tour Attractions
Travel attractions of Loei province are as given below:

Winter Tour
Loei is the only province in Thailand, where temperature touches the freezing point in winters. For many visitors, this is the ideal time to visit Thailand for Loei wears very charming look in the season. Many lovely flowers and trees are in bloom, and the floral beauty has the appeal to trickle the ones with poetic hearts.

The Monuments
Prominent monuments of Loei province are as mentioned below:

Phra That Si Song Rak
Located in the close vicinity of Amphoe Dan Sai, on the bank of Man River, the 16th century temple is known for it's height (30 meters). Swarms of devotees take part in it's annual celebrations with great zeal. The shrine is in remembrance of the co-operation between Krung Sri Ayuthaya and Krung Sri Satana Kanahut.

Phra That Satcha
Located 2 km away from Amphoe Tha Li Administrative office, Phra That Satcha is known for it's architecture. The shrine is more than 30 meters tall, with a 7 tiered white umbrella of sovereignty on it's summit. Blossomed lotus flowers with 3 layered petals bedeck the pagoda.

Wat Si Khun Muang
Wat Si Khun MuangLying in Chiang Khan, the temple is known for showing resemblance to the temples of the North Thailand. The murals demonstrate religious beliefs and customs of the locals. The exquisite murals have always intrigued the people interested in architecture.

Natural Beauty
As with other places in Thailand, Loei province also boasts charming natural beauty. Undulating hilly landscape covered with forests is natural home of a number of mammal, reptile and bird species. Bewitching waterfalls are favorite site of picnic and camping. Two national parks and a wildlife sanctuary have been carved out in region of profuse foliage. Most famous national park in the province is Phu Kradung National Park.

Phi Ta Khon Festival
The festival, popular in Amphoe Dan Sai, is celebrated in the months of June or July. Backed by a conventional Buddhist tale, the festival is celebrated by the locals, particularly the young, with fanfare. A procession, with a sacred Buddha idol at it's helm, is taken and the monks recite the tale of the last great incarnation of Buddha.

As for the climate, Loei is the land of contrasts, for it is situated amidst a mountain range. In summers, it is the warmest province of Thailand, with temperatures reaching 430C (around April). In winters, it becomes the coldest province, with temperatures diving to below zero at night.

How To Reach
Various means of reaching Loei, 520 km away from Bangkok, are as follows:

By Air
Flights are available from Bangkok to Loei Airport, which is about 5 km from the town.

By Train
Trains for Loei don't operate directly. However, one can take trains for Udon Thani or Khon Kaen railway stations and then take bus route for Loei.

By Road
Buses heading for Loei leave Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal at regular intervals daily. One can also hire a car for a more comfortable travel.

Budget and high-end hotels are available. Few resorts and guesthouses are also there to serve the visitors.