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Mae Wong National Park - Attracting streams of wildlife lovers, the Park has great variety of wildlife and vegetation. Connect marvellous landscape to it and the lure becomes irresistible.
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Mae Wong National Park

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Mae Wong National ParkAn ideal destination for the lovers of nature, Mae Wong National Park holds it's own place among the wildlife parks of Thailand. Natural home of a great number of animals and birds, the Park also offers many other attractions like waterfalls, limestone caves and vantage points. The Park is specially popular among trekkers and the people who love to drink the cup of nature.


Country Thailand
Location 19 kilometers from Tem District, Lampang Province on Khlonglan-Umphang highway
Accessibility Approximate 350 km northwest of Bangkok
Accommodation Basic facilities
Dining Simple
Best time to visit Winter

Park Residents
» Barking Deer, Wild Pig, Asiatic Jackal, Squirrels, Civets and Porcupine mainly found.

» More than 450 species of birds.

Tour Attractions
Apart from it's inhabitants, the Park offers many others attractions to the visitors for inspection and enjoyment. They are listed below:

Forest Sceneries
Picturesque environment of the forest makes it good for walking. Ramble amidst the jungle and study nature.

Mokoju Peak
Located at western boundary of the park, this 1964 metres peak is nice for trekking. The time required for a round trip is 5 to 6 days. The trip would start either from the headquarters of Mae Rewa ranger station. All necessary equipments are necessary for the trekkers.

Kaeng Pa Nang Koy Rapids
This ideal picnic place is located at the distance of 800 metres from the headquarters. In the neighborhood of the rapid is Pa Nang Koy waterfall which can help you to have a good bath.

Vantage Points A vantage point
Several vantage points, which provide fabulous views of the picturesque surroundings, are located at old Klong Lan Umphang road. Three best points are located at km marks, 81, 87 and 93.

Number of nice waterfalls in the park add to it's beauty. Mae Rewa and km 102 falls are most conveniently reachable. Mae Rewa is located at the distance of 30 km from Mae Rewa ranger station. Having a nice pool at it's base, it serves as a good swimming pool.

Two other popular falls are Mae Krasa and Mae Ki, both divided in to nine levels. Mae Ki has reputation of being one the biggest falls in South East Asia.

Numpa Pha Ngam Cave
The cave located at Wangsamran Village of Maeprig District, is a huge limestone cave studded with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, and in-cave cold water stream. The cave also has a long, complicated pathway.

Prajedi Cave
The cave located at Numdip Village of Tem District, is a medium-size limestone cave which has stalagmite resembling pagoda and tiered ponds.

Elephant Cave and various small-size caves also located at walking distance Numdip Village.

» Largely covered by mixed deciduous forests
» Evergreen forests found in hills

The park is generally a hilly terrain, particularly in west and north. Tanon Thong mountain range, one of the highest mountain ranges in western Thailand, runs through the park. Huge pine trees grown almost everywhere endow beauty to the area. The western part is the Limestone Hills, which are 300-400 metres above sea level.

Three rivers of which Mae Wong river is the biggest, arrange for the water needs of the park.

General Information
» Located at 19 kilometres from Tem District, Lampang Province on Khlonglan-Umphang highway
» Area about 894 square kilometres
» Declared national park in 1987

Summer March to May
Rain June to October
Winter November to February
Best time to visit November to February

How To Reach
Park headquarters are located at 20 km south of Klong Lan in Kampaeng Phet province. Reachable from Bangkok through road.

Accommodation & Dining
People don't go to forest for luxury. So expect only basic facilities. In the headquarters, it can be a little better. The food available is simple. Don't expect any great cuisine inside the park.

Mae Wong National Park
P.O. Box 29 Klong Lan District
Kampaeng Phet - 62180