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Patong Travel - Patong, most prefered beach destination in Phuket, offers idyllic mist-wrapped mornings and the sunsets which are worthy of being preserved forever. Add to this colorful atmosphere, glitzy reastaurants, prolific nightlife, fabulous fun-making…and the temptation become irresistible.
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Patong TravelPatong, a hot favourite tourist destination in Thailand, is located on Phuket island. The place has perfect recipe for almost every tourist. Idyllic beaches, astounding adventures, diverse shopping opportunities, electrifying nightlife, the place has something for everyone. Peculiar experiences like watching a Thai boxing match or a night time bungy jump can also be enjoyed in Patong.


Country Thailand
Location 875 kilometers south of the capital city
Accessibility Through Bangkok and Phuket
Accommodation Easily available
Dining Wide variety

Tour Attractions
Travel attractions of Patong are as given below:

Butterfly Garden and Aquarium
The huge open-air enclosure, assisted by lovely waterfalls and lush scenery, is the home of thousands of colorful butterflies. Information about the fascinating life cycle of butterflies and tours of butterfly breeding rooms are included in the itinerary. The attraction of the place is enhanced by a aquarium with landscaped tanks featuring live coral gardens.

Adventure and Water Sports
Patong, a haven for adventure tourists, presents a gamut of adventure activities like scuba diving, jet skis, parasailing, bungee jumping, etc. which can make the hair on one's body stand with excitement. Visitors in Patong love swimming, for the beach is reputed to be very safe. The sea is very calm between November to March. However, during August, September and October, sports like body surfing and boogie boarding are favored by the tourists.

Snorkelling is also a popular sport among tourists. Enjoying around the small caves and offshore reefs in Patong is an experience which always remains in memory. Visitors also relish sailing and windsurfing.

Spa and Massage
Spa Patong provides every type of massage treatment. One can experience soothing and refreshing massage after hectic day. Masseurs, though not very much trained, offer relaxing and inexpensive services. Patong massage centers have plethora of services like spa, sports massage, Swedish massage, herbal baths, steam baths and several local beauty treatments. No Patong tour can be complete without spa and massage.

No tourist in Patong forgets to enjoy shopping. Bright colors of Patong can be taken home in the form of Batik goods. Items like shirts, sarongs, bags and clothing represent local colors and themes. High quality leather goods can also be found in the place. Patong is also known for nielloware, a special Thai craft, which implies applying etched designs on objects. Silk/cotton textile, bronzeware, cashewnuts and furniture are also liked by Patong visitors.

Nights fill the people of Patong with excitement and they run to nightlife spots to shake their legs. And there is no dearth of spots like clubs, bars, discos, massage parlours, cabaret, karaoke lounges. Patong nightlife is not on every tourist's lips for nothing.

It is the viewer who gets to choose the place for his night. Discos are huge fun. There are bars with huge air-conditioned dance floors. One can witness sizzling performances in glitzy shows. Soi Bangla, which joins the Rat-U-Thit Road and the Beach Road, is the most well-known nightlife destination of Patong.

Dry December to March
Transitional April to May
Rainy May to December

How To Reach
Ways of reaching Patong are given below:

By Air
Phuket is the nearest international airport. However, most of the tourists reach via Bangkok.

By Train
Trains ply till Surat Thani. Then one has to take a local bus or hire a vehicle to reach Patong.

By Road
Buses run from Phuket and Bangkok. One can also hire a car/taxi.

By Sea
Cruise ships visit Patong during tourist season regularly.

Accommodation & Dining
» Every type of accommodation easily available
» Street food, specially the seafood, is the favorite of the tourists
» Delicious local and international cuisine easily available