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Pattaya Beach - Having all the ingredients of an ideal tourist destination, Pattaya in Chonburi province is known for it's lovely beaches, hair-raising adventure, hectic shopping and rollicking nightlife. One can never forget cool drinks and culinary delights of Pattaya beaches, which add full value to your destinations.
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Pattaya Beach

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Pattaya BeachPattaya Beach in Chonburi, one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Thailand, is acclaimed all over for it's idyllic beaches, fun-filled nightlife, frenzied shopping and thrilling adventures. A tour to the beach gives you memories of a lifetime. The memories which would occupy your mind forever.


Country Thailand
Location 147 kilometers south-east of capital Bangkok in Chonburi province
Accessibility Better through Bangkok
Accommodation Wide variety
Dining Wide variety

Why To Visit » Long curved sandy beaches with refreshing air
» Famous worldwide for watersports
» Rollicking nightlife, thrilling adventure, fabulous dining

Tour Attractions
Endowed with marvellous natural beauty, Pattaya is among the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Prominent attractions of the tourist haven are as follows:

The Beach
Pattaya, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, is a marvellous 3-kilometer curved beach known for sun and fun. Contoured by a road shaded with rejuvenating tropical greenery, it is dedicated to serve the people, who are perpetually in want of excitement and adventure.

Spa Massage
Pattaya offers variety of spa treatments to the tourists. Thai spa massage is acclaimed all over the world for it's therapeutic efficiency, particularly in relieving muscular stiffness and pain. Many quality spas around the city serve the visitors and also provide them beauty treatments.

Adventure and Water Sports
Water SkiingPattaya is particularly known for a variety of watersports like windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, parasailing and gamefishing. And if that is not enough, it offers nice facilities for games of golf, tennis, jogging, badminton, squash, motor racing, shooting and horse riding.

More information about adventure and water sports facility in Pattaya (Chonburi) is given below:

Diving: Very suitable place for beginners, it is the closest and most convenient diving location from Bangkok. Your trips would centre around Ko Lan, Ko Sak and Ko Khrok. For expert divers, islands like Ko Man Wichai and Ko Rin, which have good visibility, are offered.

Water Skiing: Jomtein Beach and some parts of Pattaya Beach are more popular. Fresh water skiing is also available.

Horse Riding: Several kinds of riding with all levels is available.

Go Kart Racing: The speed lovers are provided with small racing Go Kart, with a speed of almost 100 kilometers per hour. Only expert divers can control a speeding car in a racing field.

Laser Trek: An exciting sophisticated modern game, it is a part of Ripley's in Royal Garden Plaza. The participants are dramatical engaged in simulated star war. They fire laser guns at the rivals and set targets and gain points according to the targets hit.

Paintball: The game is played in the atmosphere of a real fight in an enclosed spacious area. The players fire air guns filled with plastic shots, which rupture into color water after hitting a victim.

Golfing: Pattaya offers several excellent golfcourses, which are very popular due to good service and reasonable cost.

Shopping areas in Pattaya are concentrated on Beach Road, Pattaya '2' Road and the area between South and Central Pattaya. Pattaya offers wide selection of goods like gems, readymade garments, tailor-made suits, souvenirs, leatherware, furniture, etc.

Pattaya cares for night owls. Bars, discos, clubs, cabaret, massage parlors…Pattaya's list is long. It is not surprising that Pattaya attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, most of whom are lovers of nightlife. South Pattaya is the most colorful spot of nightlife in the area.

Neighborhood Destinations
Many interesting places are located in neighborhood of Pattaya, catering for tastes of variety of tourists. Such destinations are mentioned below:

Jomtein Beach
Facing the gulf of Thailand, it is ideal for the people who want to keep away from the crowds. It is specially popular among windsurfers and water sports lovers. Necessary facilities are available along the road that run with the beach. So you can enjoy the refreshing winds, availing at the same time the sophisticated accoutrements of the modern times.

Naklua Beach
At immediate north of Pattaya beach, it offers sedate tranquil atmosphere in sharp contrast with it's more famous neighbor. It doesn't have many restaurants, resorts or a rowdy nightlife like Pattaya, but it does give you a pleasant relaxing environment.

Ko Lan
Located 7.5 kilometers off Pattaya beach, this is the lone island near Pattaya with facilities for tourists. The island offer number of white sandy beaches, some facing coral reefs.Tourists can enjoy snorkelling or view the coral from glass bottom boats.

Si Racha
This busy fishing town is famous for wonderful seafood restaurants. At an island near the town is Wat Lo Koi, an elegant Sino-Thai temple. Eight kilometers east of town is Si Racha Tiger Farm, raising tiger and crocodile babies. Teeming with wildlife, the zoo is the home of one of the largest concentration of Bengal Tigers and more than 1,00,000 crocodiles.

Bang Saen Beach
Bang Saen BeachLocated at the distance of 10 kilometers from Chonburi, the provincial capital, the beach is visited mostly by the Thai tourists seeking relaxed low-budget weekends. The promenade bordering the long curving sweep of the beach is shaded by tall coconut palms. In immediate vicinity is Ocean World Amusement Park, featuring several swimming pools. Within the premises of the local Srinakharinwirot University is a marine aquarium and museum.

Ko Si Chang
A nice weekend for Thai tourists, the island provides beautiful beaches with remains of a former royal residence. The island is also known for a venerable Chinese temple and limestone caves.

Pattaya Festival
Launched with the objective of promoting tourism in Pattaya in the month of April, an array of entertainment activities held on Pattaya Beach, which include games, folk performances, demonstrations of preparing Thai desserts and handicrafts, displays of martial art, sports competitions, beauty contests, etc.

Dry November to February
Humid March to May
Rainy June to October

How To Reach
Various means of reaching Pattaya are mentioned below:

By Air
Pattaya has U-Tapo Airport at Sattahip. Flights operating between Bangkok and Koh Samui halt at U-Tapo.

By Train
A train plies between Bangkok and Pattaya, taking five hours to work it's way down.

By Road
Buses are available between Pattaya and Bangkok. You can also move on rented car.

Accommodation & Dining
» Luxury, mid-range and budget accommodation easily available.
» Great number of food shops and restaurants.
» Every variety of food like Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Oriental, Seafood