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Pattaya Travel - Pattaya, a fascinating tourist hotspot, amalgamates the delights of lovely beaches with action-packed adventure, fabulous dining, indulgent shopping and rollicking nightlife. In this charming destination, holiday makers unwrap a matchless array of recreation activities.
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Pattaya TravelPattaya is a seaside resort which has won international acclaim. A vibrant city, it displays fusion of nationalities, cultures and influences. The city has nurtured itself as a tourist destination for decades and hosts an array of tourism-related activities. It can be safely said that a tourist to Pattaya is never short of amusement.


Country Thailand
Location About 150 kilometers south-east to Bangkok, in Chonburi province
Accessibility Good through Bangkok
Accommodation Nice variety
Dining Nice variety

Tour Attractions
Pattaya has number of tourist attractions. More well-known among these are featured below:

Tiffany Show
World renowned Alcazar or Tiffany show is a not-to-miss feature of Pattaya. The tourists are entertained with music, dances and various shows played by gorgeous actors. The show has been the source of delight to the audiences for decades. The lighting and sound DTS system are praised by one and all. The show is hosted in a Grand Beautiful Theatre, assisted by most modern computer systems, with a capacity of 1200 seats.

Elephant Village
The Elephant Village is actually an assemblage of elephant herds, which have been the backbone of heavy work in the forests of Thailand. The event includes the remarkable demonstration of activities like elephant capture, their normal life, training and feeding. People can also ride on the elephants. The place is easily accessible by taxi or bus. Conventional food and old-fashioned cart ride is also available in the village.

Million Year Stone Park
Million Year Stone Park, which is very popular among nature lovers, is not only a living museum of animal, vegetation and mineral kingdoms but also presents amusing and exhilarating shows like crocodile shows, magical performance and Thai martial arts. These facilities have made the Park hit among children too.

Sanctuary of Truth
The colossal temple-like structure, located on seashore at Laem Ratchawet on Na Klua Road, is entirely made of wood. Featuring exquisite architecture, the structure was made with the vision that the evolution of human civilisation has been attained and nurtured by philosophical truth.

The Bottle Museum
The Bottle MuseumLocated at a distance of 145 km of Highway No. 3, the Bottle Museum specialises in glass bottles, containing exquisitely crafted creations, including the normal vessels. The displays are the works of the Dutch master Peter Bedelais. The Museum is popular amidst the admirers of crafts and constantly attracts them.

Pattaya Beach
No mention of Pattaya is complete without beaches. Some parts of the beach are crowded and vibrant, while some are largely tranquil. The busy sections have facilities like shops, bars, restaurants, discotheques, and spa resorts. They take care of full enjoyment of the visitors. Tourists who are fond of solitude can find refuge in tranquil sections.

Pattaya shopping is mostly concentrated on Beach Road, Pattaya '2' Road and the region between South and Central Pattaya. Pattaya presents wide selection of goods like gems, tailor-made suits, readymade garments, leatherware, souvenirs, furniture, etc.

Pattaya is loved by those fond of making merry in nights. Bars, discos, cabaret, clubs, massage parlors…Pattaya's has an array of options. No surprise then that Pattaya lures thousands of visitors, most of whom love nightlife. South Pattaya is specially known for it's nightlife.

Spa Massage
Pattaya offers a range of spa treatments to the visitors. Thai spa massage is known all over the world for it's therapeutic effects, particularly in providing relief in muscular stiffness and pain. Many quality spas in the region serve the tourists and also present before them variety of spa massage services.

Dry November to February
Wet March to May
Rainy June to October

How To Reach
Different means of reaching Pattaya are as follows:

By Air
Pattaya has U-Tapo Airport located at Sattahip. Crafts plying between Bangkok and Koh Samui halt at U-Tapo.

By Train
A train runs between Bangkok and Pattaya, taking five hours to complete the journey.

By Road
Buses operate between Pattaya and Bangkok. One can also move on rented cars.

Accommodation & Dining
» All type of accommodation easily available
» Large number of food shops and restaurants
» Every variety of food available - Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Oriental, Seafood