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Phang Nga Beach - Limestone cliffs peeking out of aquamarine water make Phang Nga different. Mystic caves and impressive bays supported by mangrove forests and strange rock formations make the tour of Phang Nga completely unforgettable.
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Phang Nga Beach

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Phang Nga BeachPhang Nga is special, thanks to it's limestone cliffs jutting out of green water. Mysterious caves, beautiful lagoons and tiny tranquil beaches await the travellers. Offering marvelous seascapes, Phang Nga is praised the world over as a diving paradise.


Country Thailand
Location 788 kilometers south of capital Bangkok
Accessibility Best through Bangkok
Accommodation Easily available
Dining Wide variety
Average Temperature 170 - 380 C

Why To Visit » Marvellous beaches and islands with exquisite natural beauty, both onshore and underwater
» Mysterious caves, frothy waterfalls, attractive lagoons and lush parks
» A diving paradise

Tour Attractions
Adorned with idyllic natural beauty, Phang Nga is among the most beautiful provinces in Thailand. Prominent attractions of the province are as follows:

Phang-Nga Bay or Ao Phang-Nga National Park
This enthralling extension of the Andaman Sea is known for limestones that stand out of the green water in different shapes and sizes. Marvelous caves and beautiful bays assisted by rock formations and mangrove forests provide unforgettable sightseeing to the visitors.

Availing of sea canoe tours, you can see fantastic sights, which can be matched only by few tourist spots in the world.

Muang District
Elephant MountainMuang District holds some important attractions in Phan-Nga:

Kao Chang or Elephant Mountain: It is a landmark. It is a large hill in the form of a kneeling elephant.

Tahm Phung Chang or Elephant Belly Cave: The cave lies behind the Provincial Hall. Exquisite natural structures like stalagmites and stalactites, and water running perennially provide the tourists a remarkable experience.

Tahm Kao Nghumis: It lies near the Phung Chang cave, studded with stalagmites and stalactites. Seashells are also scattered in one area.

Tahm Reusi Sawanand Luhk Seua: These caves lie in Somdej Sri Nakarin Park. These are connecting caves and you can amble from one cave to the other. Reusi Sawan or the Ascetic's Heaven is the foremost cave. Sprightly streams frolicking through the caves and natural formations like stalagmites and stalactites give the caves a majestic look.

SahNahng Manohra Waterfall: It provides fabulous sight to the nature lovers. Do visit if you are in Muang.

Wat Suwan Kuha or Wat Tahm: It is a cave temple, crafted within a limestone hill, riddled with caves. The biggest cave serves at the entrance. It is adorned with various Thai art forms and stucco figures of Buddha.

Similan Islands
This cluster of nine islands is known for unspoiled natural beauty, specially extensive coral garden beneath water. Rated by the Skin Diving Magazine among the ten loveliest places on Earth, the islands are home of numerous species of fish. The water of Similan Islands is known for clarity and is excellent for diving.

Surin Islands
Counted among Thailand's most cheerful and lovely travel destinations, Surin Islands are acclaimed for having some of the best diving and snorkelling opportunities in the country. Kingdom. The coral reefs and marine life are spectacular. Huge variety of fish and majestic coral formation abound the area.

Group of five islands is collectively called Surin Islands. Koh Surin Nua (Northern Surin Island) and Koh Surin Tai (Southern Surin Island) are the two main islands. Both the islands have white sandy beaches kissing crystal clear water. Dense forests form the backdrop of milky white sand.

Swift Passage is very popular among tourists. Located between Koh Surin Tai and Koh Torinla islands, the spot is subject to strong currents which the divers can use. The coral seabed and abundant marine life, comprising sharks, parrot fish and turtles, makes the experince noteworthy.

Boat trips ferrying from Phang-Nga town take the visitors to the islands.

Khao Lak Beach
Khao Lak BeachKhao Lak Beach, located near Takuapa town, is long, beautiful beach dotted with boulders. A grand coral reef, an ideal spot for divers and snorekellers, is accessible by boat. The beach offers plethora of modern facilities like bars, restaurants and cyber cafes.

Bang Niang, a smaller beach, neighbors Khao Lak.

Turtle Releasing Festival
A speciality of Phang-Nga province, this annual seven day festival celebrated with fanfare at Tai Meuang. Turtles raised by fisheries department are released in seawater.

Activities/Sports Facilities
» Diving
» Golfing
» Snorkelling
» Canoeing
» Trekking
» Gamefishing

Dry January to April
Rainy May to December

How To Reach
International tourists can reach Phang Nga via Bangkok. Various means of reaching Phang Nga from the capital are mentioned below:

By Air
Reach Phuket or Krabi by plane which operate daily. Then take road route to Phang Nga.

By Train
Trains operate till Surat Thani. Then you have to take a local bus or rent a vehicle to reach the place you want to visit.

By Road
Buses are available from Phuket or Krabi central bus station. Buses also operate between Bangkok and Phang-Nga. You can also move on rented car/taxi.

By Boat
Offshore islands are accessible by boat. A long-tail or a speed boat will get you there. You can also charter a yacht from Phuket or Krabi.

Getting Around
Journeying within the province is easy, thanks to variety of means available.

» Local bus services
» Three-wheeled taxis (tuk-tuk)
» Hired motorcycle
» Offshore islands through boat

Accommodation & Dining
» Budget, mid-range and luxury accommodation easily available.
» Food shops and restaurants abound in tourist areas.
» Wide variety of food, ranging from local dishes to international cuisine.
» Delicious seafood available on beaches.