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Phuket Travel - Phuket, a tropical paradise, is an ideal tourist destination. Fondly called the Pearl of the Andaman, it's soothing tranquil white beaches, majestic limestone cliffs, effusive forests and 'smiling people' make the place immensely alluring.
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Phuket TravelMarvellous beaches, action-packed adventures, fabulous night life, amazing shopping, no-bar amusement...Combine all these and the result will be Phuket. Phuket has all the qualifications which make it eligible as a dream destination. No surprise then that Phuket is one of the most visited places in South-East Asia.


Country Thailand
Location Lying off the coast of Southern Thailand in Andaman Sea
Accessibility Air, road, and sea options
Accommodation Resorts, hotels, guest-houses, villas etc. easily available
Dining Every type of cuisine available
Best Time to Visit November to March

Tour Attractions
Tourist attractions in Phuket are as follows:

Phuket Beaches
Phuket has several nice beaches, most of which are located on the west coast. Each Phuket beach has it's own speciality. Some are known for peaceful caves, while some are lauded for action-packed adventure. Most famous of the Phuket beaches is Patong, which becomes most vibrant at night. Kamala, Karon, Kata and Surin are some other well-known beaches of Phuket. Nai Yang beach is nice for those who want to have a vacation full of solitude.

Phuket Fantasy
A matchless Las Vegas style show offering pyrotechnics, acrobatics, aerial ballet, special effects, and an elephant circus. The show is amalgamation of stunning visual effects with elements of Thai culture making it incomparable. The theatre area has a walking street with interesting and good value shopping facilities. One can also have dinner, the price of which is included in the ticket price.

Coral Islands
This immensely popular place is just at a 15 minute drive from Phuket Island. The islands are good for water sports, specially snorkeling. One can hire long-tail boats at Rawai beach for merry-making. The beaches are very crowded during the day, but one can stay in solitude in nights. Few people who visit Phuket fail to visit coral islands.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)
Muay ThaiMartial art of Muay Thai is gradually gaining popularity all over the world. The pyrotechnics of Muay Thai are very exciting when watched live. Fatal kicks, artistic feints, crushing elbow strikes and furious punches exhilarate the viewers. The extraordinary passion and drama of one of Thailand's most popular sports must be witnessed, when on tour to the island. Music instruments like clarinets, cymbals and drums assist the fighters through their fight.

No Phuket tour can be complete without spa massage. Several resorts and spa therapy centers available all over the island, can make you feel refreshed, after a day of sightseeing and adventure sports.

Phuket is the destination of the tourists who are ever hungry for stimulation. Patong, equipped with all nightlife accoutrements, is the most prominent center of nightlife in Phuket. Nightlife activities in Patong are centered mainly along Bangla Road, which runs with the Beach Road.

Phuket City nightlife is blended with local flavour. A trip to the city is worthwhile if one desires to mingle with the locals. Nightlife in Karon is a subdued affair. Most late-night restaurants and bars are located around Karon Circle and Luang Pho Chuang Road. Kata has good cluster of bars along Taina Road, although it has few clubs or discos.

Phuket is great place for shopping with myriad shops selling all types of goods. From noisy street stalls and local shops to huge departmental sports, Phuket offers a lot of variety. Pearls, gems and jewellery, silk, batik cloth, seashells, nielloware, cashew nuts, and birds' nests are some souvenir you can purchase in Phuket. Shopping activities are centered in and around Patong, Karon and Kata beaches, as well as Radsada Road, Phang Nga Road, Montri Road, and Yaowarat Road in Phuket town.

Phuket Interiors
Tourists like to tour the rubber plantations, rice paddies and slices of rainforests in Phuket interiors. Shop-aholics can browse in the malls, shops and departmental stores of Phuket City, which also has several antique and handicraft shops. Sino-Portuguese residences and shops, which tell tales of Phuket's heritage silently, are still visible in some Phuket alleys. Visit to Phuket interiors provides another kind of experience as compared to Phuket beaches.

More Attractions
Phuket has long and rich history, which has imparted it with arresting architecture, evocative museums, religious sites and much more:

Religious Sites: Most religious sites are located at Thalang. Number of Chinese shrines are scattered throughout Phuket city. A magnificent temple lies east of Chemg Talay town.

Museums: Three well-known museums of Phuket are Phuket Sea Shell Museum, Thalang National Museum and Thavorn Hotel Lobby Museum. Apart from these, Phuket has several art galleries and also organises events like music and dance shows.

Phuket has tropical climate, which means that it is warm and wet all year round. Periods of April to May and September to October are the hottest. Most appropriate time to visit Phuket is November to March.

How To Reach
Various means of reaching Phuket are as follows:

By Air
Phuket does have an international airport. However, most international tourists like to arrive here via Bangkok.

By Train
One can take train from Bangkok to reach Surat Thani. Then board a local bus for Phuket.

By Road
Buses operate between Phuket and Bangkok. One can also rent a car for a comfortable journey.

By Sea
Cruise ships regularly ply for Phuket. Journey on a cruise can be unforgettable.

Getting Around
One can use public or private vehicles means to move around the island. Songtaew and Tuk Tuk are two most commonly used public transport vehicles. Songataews are small pick-up vans fitted with benches, while Tuk Tuks are four-wheeler mini vans. Taxis are also available. For a comfortable tour of the island, it is advisable to hire motorbikes and cars.

Accommodation & Dining
All type of boarding and lodging facilities are easily available all over Phuket. Resorts, cottages, hotels, guesthouses, bungalows, apartments, villas, the option of choice lies with the tourists.

Phuket tour can easily be turned into a gastronomic extravaganza. Variety of cuisines like Thai, Continental and Seafood is available on the island. Restaurants and eating joints are dotted all over the island, particularly at the beaches. Street food never fails to provide genuine taste to the tourists.