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Rayong Beach - Rayong is created specially for the lovers of beaches. Breathtaking vistas, scented orchards, succulent fruits, delicious food and thrilling adventures make Rayong a luring destination. The tropical paradise is also a part of a National Park, which adds to it's attraction.
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Rayong Beach

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Rayong BeachRayong, an upcoming tourist destination in Thailand, is tailor-made for those interested in beaches and islands. Easily accessible from Bangkok, Rayong has some lovely beaches, frothy waterfalls and scenic natural vistas. Hosting scented sprawling orchards and fishing villages, the province is also known for succulent fruits and exotic seafood. No wonder then that it has become hotbed of tourists.


Country Thailand
Location 180 kilometers from Bangkok
Accessibility Through Bangkok and U-Tapao
Accommodation Easily available
Dining Known for seafood and fruits

Why To Visit
» Beautiful sandy beaches with refreshing air
» Succulent fruits and exotic food
» Lovely scenic vistas

Tour Attractions
Blessed by mother Nature, Rayong is a nice place to spend your holidays. Prominent attractions of the beautiful province are as follows:

Beaches and Islands
Rayong, a large province, has several beaches, known for idyllic beauty.

Koh Samet
The most popular destination in Rayong province, Koh Samet, located at a short distance off the coast, is considered to have the nicest sand in Thailand. The place is a tropical paradise, where green trees shade white sands. Being part of a national park adds to it's attraction. The beaches are very good for swimming and scuba diving.

The beaches in Ko Samet are as follows:
Beach/Bay Speciality
Chow Bay Diving Point
Karang Bay Diving Point, View Point
Kewna Nai Bay Diving Point
Kewna Norg Bay Diving Point
Nuan Bay Many
Phai Bay Nightlife
Praw Bay Diving Point
Sai Kaew Beach Longest Beach
Vong Due Beach Many
Wai Bay Diving Point

You can board ferries for Koh Samet from Ban Phe, which has plenty of bus connections to Rayong town.

Pala and Payoon
Mun IslandsLocated at the distance of around 35 kilometers from Rayong town, both these beaches provide a tranquil environment and are eminently suitable for activities like swimming and picnicking.

Mae Rumphueng
Located at a short distance from Rayong town, this some 10-kilometers long beach is situated in the vicinity of the Khao Laem Yah - Koh Samet Group National Park. Nice for swimming, this is a lovely place with a headland forming a marvellous backdrop to a crescent shaped bay with sandy beaches.

Beaches of Mun Islands
Situated off the Kram coast is the Koh Mun island group consisting three islands, namely Koh Mun Nai, Koh Mun Klang and Koh Mun Nok. The boat takes around 50 minutes to reach the place from the coast. The islands have fine secluded beaches ideal of activities like sunbathing and swimming.

Other than these, there are beaches like Ban Chang, Suan Son, Hat Laem Charoen, Hat Saeng Chan and Ko Kudi, which make Rayong an ideal destination for a peaceful pleasant holiday.

Other Natural Attractions
Some other popular natural attractions of Rayong are as follows:

Dok Krai Reservoir
Located 35 kilometers from Rayong town, this is the center of various projects on agriculture, irrigation, fishery, and domestic animals. The reservoir is encased in natural beauty, which is good for ideal for activities like camping and relaxing.

Khao Laem Ya - Koh Samet Group National Park
The area of Khao Laem Ya and the island of Koh Samet are collectively designated as a national park. It is an area of great natural beauty which is enhanced by the tranquillity of the surroundings.

Khao Laem Ya is located about 6.4 kilometers from the fishing village of Ban Phe. Koh Samet, on which Sunthorn Phu, Thailand'greatest poet based his most famous work, the story of Pra Apaimanee, lies about 40 minutes boat journey offshore. The park also covers Mae Rumphueng Beach, Ban Kon Ao and some islands near Koh Samet such as Koh Kudee, Koh Kruai, Koh Khangkhao and Koh Platin.

City Attractions
Rayong city offers some ancient temples and beautiful parks to the tourists. Some worthy of mention are Wat Pa Pradu, Wat Lum Mahachai Chumphon, the City Pillar, Wat Pak Nam and Suan Si Mueang. While staying at the town, you can enjoy visits to these places.

Adventure and Water Sports
Pristine Rayong beaches are nice for sports like fishing, boating, swimming and divings. Some golf courses are also available. Exclusive high-end resorts and hotels also provide equipment and expertise for adventurous aquatic sports like sea canoeing, snorkelling, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, knee boarding and water skiing.

Festival/Event Month Objective Attractions
Fruit Fair May Promoting sales of fruits and processed food products Parades, musical and dance performances, parades, fruit contests, beauty pageants
Phra Chedi Klang Nam Fair Varies Pay homage to the Chedi Held during Loi Krathong festival, exciting boat races

Dry November to February
Humid March to May
Rainy May to October

How To Reach
Various means of reaching Rayong are mentioned below:

By Air
Nearest airport (35 kilometers) to Rayong is U-Tapao international airport which has international connections with Singapore and Siem Reap (Cambodia) as well as daily flights for Samui and Pattaya.

By Road
Buses leave Eastern Bus Terminal of Bangkok for Rayong town every 30 minutes. The journey time is around four hours. You can also hire car for Rayong.

Getting Around
» Songthaews (a type of vehicle ) easiest way of transport in Rayong town. Also available for charter if you desire to go out of the town.
» Hotels can arrange for car and driver.

Accommodation & Dining
» Luxury, mid-range and low-range accommodation available.
» Street stalls, moderately priced and luxury restaurants available
» Known for sea food and fruits