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Similan Islands - Acclaimed for exquisite coastal beauty, Similan Islands are not only the home of innumerable colorful fish but also provide excellent spots for diving.
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Similan Islands

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Similan IslandsThis cluster of nine islands is known for unspoilt natural beauty, specially extensive coral garden beneath water. Rated by the Skin Diving Magazine among the ten loveliest places on Earth, the islands are home to numerous species of fish and are excellent for diving.

In 1982, the 128 square kilometers of the Islands were declared a marine national park.


Country Thailand
Location About 100 kilometers northwest of Phuket
Accessibility Through Phuket, Thap Lamu or Khao Lak by boat

Why To Visit
» Marvellous unspoilt beaches
» Amazing coral growth
» Numerous colorful fish, both big and small
» Crystalline blue water
» Stunning underwater rock formations

Tour Attractions
Similan Islands are a prime tourist destination of Thaland, attracting visitor from all over the world. Get informed about them.

The Beaches
Similan Islands have many exquisite beaches in their kitty for the visitors. The three most visited islands- Koh Similan, Koh Hu Yong and Koh Ba Ngu- lure the tourists with their assets. These islands are acclaimed all over the world for their beauty, both on land and in the surrounding underwater world.

Koh Similan, the largest island, has a long circular bay and underwater coral reefs look pristine. Sealife is aplenty and diving is strongly recommended. Fantastic formations also provide fabulous view. Koh Hu Yong is known for it's long milky white beach. Sea turtles come up to lay eggs between November till February. Their tracks are visible on the sand. Koh Ba Ngu or Skull Island is home of schools of fish. Under water, coral and a field of grass appear to be growing in a deep valley.

Activities-Adventure Sports
Adventure Sports in Similan IslandsFew places can be as good as Similan Islands for diving. The islands host the most spectacular group of dive sites in Thailand and have achieved recognition for the sport worldwide. The growing number of divers every year testifies the popularity of the sport and the facilities available.

Watching and Photographing Fish
Similan Islands are the ideal destinations for the ones who enjoy watching and photographing fish. There are not only small, colorful fish but one can also sight large fish like whale sharks, leopard sharks, white tip and black tip sharks and cow tail rays.

Similan Island have marvellous underwater scenery which draws divers from all over the world. Beautiful coral gardens and reefs in crystal clear waters is a sight never to be forgotten. Speedboating in the waters of Similan Islands provides you with an opportunity to explore the amazing scenes in the water. Boat trips leave for Similan Islands from tourist destinations like Phuket and Patong.

Similan Islands are loved by the snorkellers for the beautiful experience they provide. If one wants to spoil one's loved one with the choice of spot and facilities, Similan Islands are recommended.

Diving Hot Spots
Site Location Speciality
Breakfast Bend East to Similan Island 9 Excellent place to dive at night
Elephant Head South of Koh Similan Regarded best in Similans, A genuine diving challenge
Shark Fin Reef/Boulder City Similan Island 3 Depth of 55 metres, For experienced divers

» Weather is more or less pleasant from November to March.
» Mid-May to October is the rainy season.
» Air temperatures are normally hot with high humidity.
» Water temperature is generally around 250C.

How To Reach
Boats can be taken from Phuket, Thap Lamu and Khao Lak. You can also hire boats from any of the several diving companies working in the area.

Accommodation & Dining
There are few dining and accommodation options. One can look in Ko Similan (Island # 8) and Ko Miang (Island # 4) Islands for these facilities if in need.