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Sukhothai Travel - Sukhothai is unparalled in it's own style. The province has astounding variety. Evocative historic ruins, incredibly diverse species of wildlife and birds plus fantastic scenic vistas. Sukhothai is unrivalled combination of all these.
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Sukhothai TravelFew places can match Sukhothai in Thailand as a tourist destination. Travel net of Sukhothai has stunning variety - majestic historic ruins, variety of bird species, plenty of exotic wildlife and impressive natural surroundings. Visitors to Sukhothai can hit many objects with one stone.


Country Thailand
Location Around 400 kilometers from Capital Bangkok
Accessibility Through Bangkok and Chiang Mai
Accommodation Hotels and forest retreats available

Tour Attractions
Sukhothai with it's neighborhood destinations has been luring the tourists. Particularly for wildlife lovers and history buffs, the site has lot to offer.

Sukhothai Historical Park
Sukhothai Historical Park or Meuang Kao designated a world heritage site by UNESCO, is made for the lovers of history and architecture. The capital of the ancient Sukhothai kingdom hosts elegant ruins, which tell the tales of the grand achievements of their makers. Visit the Park and listen to the whisper of the remains of the great kingdom.

Out of Wall Attractions
Several attractions, located out of the periphery of the Historical Park, lure the tourists. These are in no way less than the shrines and structures housed outside the complex. Most important of these structures is Wat Chang Lom, comprising a Sri Lankan inspired chedi supported buttresses. Other prominent structures are Wat Phra Phai Luang, Wat Saphan Hin, Wat Chetuphon and Wat Si Chum.

Sri Satchanalai Historical Park
Sri Satchanalai Historical ParkViceroys of the former capital governed from Sri Satchanalai, located at 50 kilometers from Sukhothai. The historic site, which houses elegant ruins within it's 800 acre complex, was always considered Sukhothai's twin city.

Ramkhamhaeng National Park (Khao Luang)
The National Park, home of several animal and bird species, has become very popular among the tourists. After a journey in the bygone era in the historical parks, one can, for a change, go to the National Park and enjoy the lush surroundings, hearing the screeching calls of the animals and birds.

Sri Satchanalai National Park (Pa Kha)
Home of more than 70 species of birds, Sri Satchanalai National Park also holds some stunning natural places. Holding several mysterious caves, bubbling waterfalls and picturesque vantage points, the popularity of the Park has continuously grown.

Ramkhamhaeng Museum
The museum holds art objects and antiques excavated in Sukhothai and Sri Satchanalai historical parks. Objects obtained from ancient places like Kampaeng Phet, Phetchabun and Phichi are also kept in the museum.

Concise History
Sukhothai's historical importance lies in it's being the capital of the first capital of Thailand. Coming to existence in the 13th and 14th centuries, it holds the cluster of fine monuments, which are the glistening examples of the first Thai architectural style.

The site was designated a world heritage site in 1991.

New Sukhothai
Modern town of Sukhothai is just 12 kilometers away from the historical one. One can use it as a base for making excursions to nearby places of wildlife and historical importance, for the town has good accommodation and dining facilities.

Summer March to May
Rainy June to September
Winter October to February
Best Time to Visit October to February

How To Reach
Various means of reaching Sukhothai are as mentioned:

By Air
Nearest airport is Amphur Sawankhalok, about 30 kms from the town. Air services operate to and from Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

By Train
Trains run from Bangkok to Phitsanulok, nearest railway station. Then one can take a bus for Sukhothai.

By Road
Buses ply between Bangkok and Sukhotai. Bus services also operate for tourist destinations of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Khon Kaen. One can also hire a car for reaching the town.

Getting Around
Vehicles like songathew ply between New Sukhotai and the nearby tourist attractions. However, it is advisable to hire own car if one wants to do the destinations in complete leisure and comfort.

Accommodation & Dining
New Sukhotai has inexpensive yet comfortable guesthouses and hotels. High-end accommodation is also available. Nice meals, snacks and drinks are available. Bars and pubs entertain the visitors even after evening.