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Thailand Nightlife - Fond of making merry in late hours. Rush to Thailand. Pubs, bars and dance clubs are in abundance in Capital Bangkok. Add to these comfy massage parlors, glitzy restaurants and relaxed dresses and the ambience becomes more glittering.
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Thailand Nightlife

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Thailand NightlifeThailand is an ideal place for those who want to make their nights lively. Bangkok is ahead in city nightlife among it's Asian competitors. Nights in Chiang Mai, Pattaya or Phuket are not less diverse and interesting. Koh Samui has carved it's own niche as a nightlife destination. Krabi does not lack behind.

Thailand nightlife is varied, fanciful and full of enjoyment. Top nightlife destinations of Thailand are given below:

Bangkok has always been the biggest attraction for nightlife lovers in Thailand. Wild and rowdy, it is brimming with great fun.

Bangkok is famous for it's neon-lit bar areas, particularly Khao San Road, Suranwongse Road and Silom Road. These nightlife areas have go-go bars, massage parlors and erotic shows, all the means to lure the fun-loving. Bangkok has no dearth of discos equipped with laser lights and modern sound systems. Bangkok also has pubs, cocktail lounges, cabaret shows for night ramblers.

Singing and dancing 'karaoke style' is very popular among the Thai. Bangkok has several karaoke lounges having private and common rooms equipped with television or projector screen for the enjoyment.

Chiang Mai
Equipped with an array of entertainment options, Chiang Mai draws irreristibly national and international tourists. Lovers of peppy atmosphere can move to glittering discotheques. Live music, both Western and Thai, is played in pubs and coffee shops. If you like peaceful late evenings, you can relax hearing the piano tune in hotel lobby.

Cocktail lounges, karaoke centres, cabaret shows and bars aboud in Chiang Mai, filling the visitors' cup with utmost enjoyment.

Pattaya nightlife is every bit as diverse and interesting as it is said to be. Nightclubs, karaoke bars, restaurants with live music and dance performances, discos, cabarets, abound in Pattaya. Most Pattaya nightlife is in southern region. Part of the beach road is blocked at night and is transformed as 'nightwalkers' street'. Glttering clubs, restaurants and shops come up, vying for attention. Pattaya is specially famous for it's cabaret shows.

People perennially hungry for stimulation should choose Phuket their destination. Patong is the centre of nightlife in the island. All the nightlife accoutrements are present here. Activities in Patong are mainly around Bangla Road, which runs perpendicular to Beach Road.

Nightlife in Phuket city has local favour. The trip is worthy if you want to party with the locals, minus the hectic pace. Karon nightlife is low-key affair. The activities, mostly restaurants and bars, are centred around Luang Pho Chuang Road and Karon Circle. Kata Beach lacks in clubs or discos, but there is good collection of bars, mostly along Taina road.

Koh Samui
Koh Samui has undoubtedly some of the best nightlife in Thailand. Offerings vary from a lounge in the bar to discotheques.Villages of Chaweng and Lamai become vibrant with drinks, dancing and live music. Bophut is a low-key affair, but some prefer it for this very reason.

Krabi is ideal for those who don't want to do it in a hectic way. There are no all night beer bars, raunchy discos and go-go bars. Restaurants abound in Krabi town, while tourists can patronise beaches in Ao Nang, Railay and Koh Phi Phi.