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Thailand Spa - Spa massage therapy, a unique experience, blends traditional Thai art of healing with world-class hospitality. Luxurious spa resorts are sprinkled all over, which carry work-weary urbanites to a paradise of indulgent relaxation.
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Thailand Spa Therapy Spa is rapidly climbing the popularity ladder all over the world. Places offering 'spa facilities' are sprouting in various countries. However, it is Thailand which provides cutting edge to the health art. The country has rich tradition of natural healing and it comes handy when providing 'spa facilities' to the visitors.

Providing Cutting Edge
Thailand has centuries of experience in this art of natural healing. Attributes such as ancient Thai massage, natural therapeutic springs, abundance of medicinal flora and excellent service make Thai spa experience unique. Thailand has readily accommodated the burgeoning demand of quality spa services. There are seemingly unending types of treatments and special programs as well as various levels of luxury, price and value.

Tradition, common sense and imagination, when commonly employed, have resulted in pastes, mud packs, number of muscle kneading techniques, specialised oils, hot and cold water jet aimed from several angles and pressure points that have been mixed to create highly specialised therapies. The choice lies with the visitor. To help him reach the right decision, spa specialists are employed by the centers. Several hotels also provide facility of spa. Their guests can avail these services.

Available Spa Types
Thai land offers an array of spa types to choose from. These services are provided by number of spa resorts and hotels spread all over Thailand. Most popular among these services are:

Acupressure, a traditional Asian massage, rests on the belief that the body's energy flow can be disrupted by trauma, illness or injury, that in turn creates isolated areas of muscle tension, which blocks important nerve pathways.

Tension is released by applying pressure on these points. Energies are then free and can flow freely and naturally. Scientific studies have proved that the pressure releases natural endorphins into the system, promoting relaxation and healing of the body.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy brings together the traditional kneading-style massage and oils that have various specialised effects on the body and mind. The effect reaches inside the body both through the skin and inhalation. The pressure is normally lighter than Swedish massage, allowing the oils to do much of the work. Massage helps the oils and the combination is effective.

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurveda, the traditional healing science of India, promotes the unity of body, mind and spirit. Spa centers have adopted a few of Ayurveda's extensive range of treatments. Ayurvedic massage eases invisible points of energy flow, thus helping the body to heal itself more effectively. The massages can include thorough scalp massage and body kneading performed by two therapists simultaneously. Specially scented oils are generally used in the massage.

Deep-tissue Massage
Although pretty intense for the newcomer, this massage is very effective. The therapist works deep into the muscles to segregate traumatised muscles that remain tense from extreme pressure of injury. The massage can be slightly painful, since it involves manipulation of fascia, a thin tissue that connects muscle tissue.

Sports Massage
Hugely popular in athlete fraternity, the massage concentrates on muscle groups relevant to the activities that the athlete performs. It is also an intense massage and can be a bit painful for the uninitiated. However, it is effective too. And that is why, sportspersons prefer to have the massage.