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Thung Salaeng National Park - Tailormade for the admirers of natural beauty, the Park is ideal for those who want to explore rough terrain teeming with wild creatures.
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Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

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Thung Salaeng National ParkThung Salaeng Luang National Park seems specially made for the lovers of natural life and trekking. Sprawling meadows, unending forests on undulating hills, and variety of wildlife are the characteristics of the Park. If one is fond of roughing it out in the jungles, one should not miss it.


Country Thailand
Location In Phitsanulak Province
Accessibility Through road
Best time to visit Winter

Park Residents
» Mammals like tiger, elephant, yellow-throated marten, gaur, wild pig, barking dog, masked palm civet, slow loris, langur.

» More than 190 bird species are found here including eagle, owl, heron, partridge, pheasant, swift, pigeon, warbler, woodpecker, babbler, bulbul, flycatcher, hornbill, barbet and flowerpecker.

» Siamese Fireback Pheasant is the most prominent resident of the National Park. Referred to in classical Thai literature, a pair of the creature was sent to Napoleon III of France in 1862.

Tour Attractions
Meadows add flavour to the National Park, and the waterfalls are finishing touch of nature to it's beauty. Without visiting these, a tour to the Park is not complete. Need not mentioning animals and birds.

Thung Salaeng
This sprawling meadow looks like a huge green carpet covering the land. It is reachable by two routes. One option is coming via the Khao Kor Phetchabun road which runs south-east of the Park. Turn off at Nong Mae Na. A gravel route would take you to the Park boundary and meadow.

Another option is a 40 km long waving route running south from the park's headquarters to the meadow. But do remember that the route needs sturdy four-wheeled vehicles to negotiate with it.

Thung Nang Phaya
Thung Nang PhayaThis is a camping site famous for it's impressive combination of pine trees and meadows. It is easily accessible from the Nong Mae entry. It is advisable to use four-wheeled vehicles.

Thung Non Son
This sprawling 11,000 hectares meadow seems very impressive with it's large cluster of flowers, during October to December. It is situated on a plateau deep in the park's centre.

To reach there from the headquarters, move on the road that takes to Thung Salaeng Luang. After driving for 15 kilometers, stop the vehicle at a right turn-off route. Trek alongside a mountain ridge to Thung Non Son for 17 km.

Kaeng Sopha Waterfall
This is a picturesque waterfall which flows through several islets. Along the Phitsanulok Lomsak Highway, there is a turn-off route to the fall in south direction between km markers 71 and 72.

Topography & Vegetation
Hills of limestone, hardpan and slate between altitudes of 300 to 1,028 meters are the mainstay of the Park. Deciduous forest covers most of the area, with tropical broad-leaved evergreen vegetation and lowland scrub covering smaller areas. Sprawling meadows, reign in southern area.

General Information
» Located in Phitsanulok province
» Area about 1,262 square kilometers
» Declared national park in 1972

Summer March to June
Rain July to October
Winter November to February
Best time to visit November to February

How To Reach
The park's headquarters are on Phitsanulok - Lomsak Highway, which is also known as Highway No. 12. Phitsanulok is a transportation hub and can be reached through Bangkok by road, rail or air.

Bungalows are available at the headquarters and Nong Mae Na office. Camping sites are available inside the Park.

Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
P.O. Box 64, Amphur Muang
Phitsanulok Province - 65000